[Strawbale] Europe's largest strawbale building

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Thu Nov 18 22:24:13 CET 2010

Dear fellow Balers,

Thank you Simon for the link to the Guardian site, and for whoever wrote
about Modcell in the comments. I read it all, wrote a comment with a link to
Amazon's 2 story apartment building and a couple of days after my comment I
got called up by a young lady who worked for an agency which had been
appointed by EU to write an informative summery about SB building for 22.000
decision makers in EU!
The interviewer (a student job) had also seen the Modcell page, but knew
little else. The basic question from the commission seemed to be; "If this
thing can make the Guardian, how come we don't know about it? And why don't
we use SB to reach some of the environmental Co2 targets, by using it for
public buildings, such as schools?"

I spent 45 minutes on the phone with her, and in the end she had enough
information to write a book(?), including why SB building is so much more
holistic than simply blindly advocating passive house standards. I believe
she would also mention pre-fab systems in her report. I finalized by giving
her the link to Dirk Scharmer and FASBA, for European research and contact
to building companies; this would also likely be mentioned in her report.

If you (like me) share the concern that there's only 4 years left to act
(Explanation here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_6iTCo5Ci8 ), then I hope
it the manages to wake up the right bureacrats, building firms etc., and
things start to move in the right direction...
...And while on the theme of waking up; Only 20 people has found the 5
minutes it takes to fill out the ESBG 2011 survey. It's great input, and
will help shape the ESBG, however we'd need much more participatory input
before the event will be optimal for many more of you. Please click here:
...This is also the way for those of you with a topic to present, a workshop
to lead, to make us aware that you exists, and that we need to find time for

Max Vittrup Jensen

>   1.  Europe's largest strawbale building (Simon Blackbourn)
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> Subject: [Strawbale] Europe's largest strawbale building
> Just spotted this in The Guardian, thought it might be of interest to
> people
> on the list:
> http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2010/nov/02/europe-largest-straw-building
> Shame about many of the ignorant comments, I guess they show there's still
> a
> huge amount to do to convince people of the merits and viability of
> strawbales...
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