[Strawbale] Funding for ESBG11 related jobs, internships and travels.

Max Vittrup Jensen max at permalot...
Thu Mar 25 17:49:32 CET 2010

Dear all,

I suppose many of you by now have heard that PermaLot Centre of Natural 
Building has the honor of hosting the ESBG11 in Czech Republic: We look 
forward to seeing many of you!

We have much preparation to do, and would appreciate your help in parts 
of it: more about this later, but please look at the program we 
proposed; it's under events on www.permalot.org. We're happy for 
suggestions, also perhaps some of you want to offer your help with the 
outline program points? (We suggested some names and national 
organizations already!?).
I'm writing you now, as some of you might be interested in coming 
teaching our internship next year? -Naturally this would be an immense 
help for the preparations of the ESBG11 in end of August 2011...

Our problem is naturally to make enough money to pay you, however I just 
stumbled over this program which can help fund your wage with 3,386 € 
for 13 weeks. (+€152 for any following weeks).  
Disadvantage is that you'll have to apply next week: Deadline is 31st of 
March '10, for education projects starting between 1/8-10 until 
31/07-11.  Please verify with the relevant National Agency whether 
additional national requirements exists.

None-the least: Our internships this year is part of creating/finalizing 
the infrastructure for the ESBG, as well as learning loads about 
interesting topics. You can read more on www.permalot.org/en/internships
We continue to get extremely positive feedback about our schedule, and 
we look forward to May 1st when it starts.

We can still accept a few more applicants, and I also just noticed this 
EU Grundtvig funded scheme for 'Mobility of individuals: "Visits and 
exchanges for adult education staff". What I like about it is that all 
of the paper work is on you! The deal is that it could some of you gain 
funding to come and take part in the second internship: The deadline 
varies from different countries; likely 30th of April, for events 
lasting starting earliest July 1st. Learn more here: 

Naturally, all of the above information can be used to support many 
other strawbale projects in many other countries; Hope you'll appreciate 
the inspiration? -It may also help you gain personal funding to attend 
the ESBG11 ;o)

Sincerely yours,
Max Vittrup Jensen
Director, PermaLot Centre of Natural Building -www.permalot.org
Director, Marketing and Events, Natural Building Network - www.nbnetwork.org

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