[Strawbale] Moisture monitor, logger and alarm

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Mon Jun 21 10:06:42 CEST 2010

Am 20.05.2010 14:23, schrieb Norbert Payne:
> Hello,
> I have developed a multi-sensor moisture monitor, logger and alarm,
> mainly for straw bale buildings.
>      http://moisture-monitor.com
> Have made, tested and installed a few in straw bale houses, but have not
> yet done any larger production, because although moisture is a prominent
> theoretical concern, how many straw or other "bio" builders are prepared
> to invest a little money in long term monitoring of their house or
> structure?
> The idea behind the product is that it should be:
> - useful, gives an early indication of moisture problems
> - affordable
> - easy to install
> - easily used and understood, not demanding any technical skills
> - low maintenance, just replace the battery once a year
> - available also in a lower-cost kit version
> - helpful for the wider acceptance of strawbale buildings
> I would greatly appreciate any feedback on whether you would use such a
> device in your strawbale house
> Norbert Payne
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Hello Norbert,

we've built a strawbale house two years ago. Since I understood that 
moisture is one of the main issues regarding strawbale houses I'm 
interested to get more information on your monitoring system: What are 
the costs and efforts to install such a moisture monitor to an house?

Best regards,
Steffen Wallat

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