[Strawbale] National groups A ESBG 2011 - polish idea (Pawel Sroczynski)

nora kasanicka thegentlebuilder at googlemail...
Tue Jun 1 21:23:10 CEST 2010

hello Pawel and Max,

just a quick reaction to your emails regarding selection of the people 
participating in the next eu sbb conference.

I think the situation in each country in Eu is quite different one and 
the way the strawbalers organise (or dont) as well. So i think each 
country will propably do little bit of a different thing. If the 
solution you suggested Pawel works for all polish parties then i cant 
see why not do it i just dont see as realistic all eu countries will 
agree on doing the same. i like Maxes solution of first keeping few 
places for each country and then after some deadline let the untaken 
places go to whatever people/countries want them. that should be 
guarantee enough of a varied and representative gathering. its also fair 
and simple and doesnt create more work:) which i like very much!

  thanx for keeping in touch!

  ejoy spring all!

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