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Hoi Carina,


We are pleased that you are interested in building whit straw and like that
you want to join the workshop. The workshop take place at Veghel in Holland
on week 17-18-19 this year. A questions about strawbale building methodes 

You must call Tom Rijven 0033 6 03 97 46 84 .A questions about place to stay
and etc. you can call us 0031-625562001


Lots of greetings


Audrey and Piotr


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Dear Audrey,


I guess the Link is not correct, I to would be interested to know where and
when the workshop in Holland with Tom Rijven is held!


Many greetings,


Carina Simons



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Hoi Lars,


We are going to build a house from strawbails in this year. We are giving
workshops from Tom Rijven. Look at his site botmobil.com and come yion us
bulding our house.


Greeting Audrey from the Netherlands.


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Hi comrades.


I have had a request from someone who would like to join a strawbale wall
raising somewhere in Europe this year.



Best regards

Lars Keller

Vi er paa rejse i Australien indtil foerst i februar 2010.

Hvis du har noget vigtigt paa sinde, kan du fange mig paa Jos mobil: +61 428
90 3344.
Eller paa Jos foraeldres fastnetnummer: +61 8 872 565 91.

Our family is travelling in Australia from August '09 untill early February

You can reach us on Jo's mobile phone>
-- from outside of Australia: +61 428 90 3344.
-- within Australia 0428 90 3344.

Or on landline nr-> +61 8 872 565 91.

Postadresse i Australien:

Lars Keller
c/o Morandin
5 Crouch St Nth
Mount Gambier
SA 5290

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