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Tue Feb 23 21:33:42 CET 2010

Hi everyone.  I just wanted to put out an announcement about my upcoming
seven day comprehensive straw bale workshops for this summer.  Many of you
will already have seen the dates so I apologize for the overlap in emails.
I have several dates listed this year, one of which is already full (Montana
in May/June).  You can learn more about the workshops and read specifics
descriptions about each project and location at www.StrawBaleWorkshops.com.

Here are the current dates and locations:*

April 12-18 in Hurley, New York
May 10-16 in Manchester, Michigan
May 31-June 6 in Missoula, Montana (FULL)
June 14-20 in Hico, Texas

I'll be teaching a straw bale landscape wall workshop in new Mexico in
September as well; however, the date has not yet been set for that event.
Stay tuned to www.StrawBaleWorkshops.com for updates.  In fact, you can sign
up on that website for advance notice updates and a chance to *win a free
seven day workshop *this year at the location of your choice (space

Thanks for "listening" and I hope to see you at a workshop this summer!


Andrew Morrison
Consultant, Teacher, Inspiring Change

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