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Tue Feb 2 21:34:41 CET 2010

[speaking with my list administrator hat on]

i too think that messages in non-english languages are very welcome on the

for any spanish-speaking balers out there, we do also have a dedicated
spanish language strawbale list, you can find out more and subscribe at

and should another lingual group want a dedicated list of their own, i'm
sure it will be no problem to set one up, as long as there are one or two
people available to be administrators (which consists of a few minutes per
week to occasionally check a held-back message).

contact me if you're interested and i will pass on your request to the
people who maintain the list server.


On 2 February 2010 19:38, RT <ArchiLogic at yahoo...> wrote:

> On Tue, 02 Feb 2010 11:26:18 -0500, Derek Roff <derek at unm...> wrote:
> > I also think it is reasonable to communicate via this list to a smaller
> > subset of our
> > membership, in whatever language is most appropriate.  I hope that
> > messages will appear from time to time in Dutch, German, Polish,
> > French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and whatever other languages
> > might help communicate to the desired subset of our members.
> Nihao Eh ?
> I think that this whole schmozzle could be easily resolved if everyone
> just began speaking and writing the language that the greatest number of
> this planet's inhabitants call their native language and in the future,
> may well displace English as the universal language in daily global
> transactions-- Chinese.
> But failing that, I don't have a problem with people posting in languages
> other than English and like Derek, I am delighted to see and encourage
> such.
> True, there will be segments of the list membership who may not understand
> but if they truly want to, it does not take much effort to make use of any
> on the on-line translators in order to catch the gist of the message and
> in so doing, they may learn a little bit of that "foreign" language ...
> and that, I think, is a Good Thing.
> And if they don't make the effort to translate the message, nothing is
> lost because the message's intended audience will still have been reached.
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