[Strawbale] Czech SB house burned down...

Max Vittrup Jensen max at permalot...
Fri Dec 17 12:25:34 CET 2010

Hmm... It's unfortunately that at times it's easier being 'visonary' 
than others...

A  couple of days ago a SB house building burned down. It still wasn't 
finalized, and I'm not aware about how the fire started, nor do I know 
the owner etc. The lost is about 25.000 euro

What I'm able to read and view makes it clear that it was waiting to 
happen; It's one of the cases of the Czech approach to reinventing the 
SB wheel, in this case believing that building a non-burnable innerwall, 
covering it with SB's and then wooden boards is sufficient. In other 
words no plaster on the bales.
Here's the news about it; fortunately so far not in the main news:

I may add that I've now offered to borrow my large plaster mixer and 
potentially a Drag-on plaster sprayer to the owner of the wooden 
unplastered SB house I mentioned earlier. I hope the above news now 
makes him understand why I'm concerned....

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