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> Formaldehyd is a naturel product contained in wood.
> There are no formaldeyd free OSB´s (wood).
> After "they" found out how bad formaldehyd is, "they" changed the clue
> to PU-clue. But this clue contains isocyanate... THat PU-clue is
> worse...but most people just don´t know! As a building biologist i
> wouldn´t use OSB´s in my home!

I haven't been able to find any references to formaldehyde in (natural) 
wood.  In all the regulatory documents that I looked at, formaldehyde 
was only discussed as an additive to wood products.  Can you tell us 
more about the concentrations in natural wood, Kurt?  From my searches, 
it looks like the researchers considered the naturally occurring levels 
of formaldehyde in wood, if any, to be too low to mention.  In 
contrast, there is much discussion of the amount of formaldehyde added 
to wood products, and the health risks that might be associated, even 
at very low concentrations.  There are also a number of composite wood 
products labeled as "formaldehyde-free", which may contain other 
dangerous chemicals.


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