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luckily also you both didn't loose your sense of humour, :-)
serious though, how long could such a wall resist?

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 Dear M. Pravonic,

Not so long ago ALL straw bale builders were considered lunatics.     But usualy 
polite lunatics. I really appreciate that most of the     time we are able 
communicate in a respecful way. That we agre that     we can disagre.  I also 
understand that sometimes an emotion can get     the better of us.

Respectfully yours,


Le 06/12/2010 23:31, Bane M. Prvanovic a écrit : 
Dear fellows,
>I can't believe some of things I patiently read here. From mine point of 
>view, the winner is http://www.svepomocnastaveni.cz/?p=81. LUNATIC!!!
>I tought that life-self-ruining is sport booked among Serbs only, but now I 
>see that it is beloved at much wider population...
>I'm still shocked!
>To all of you who are refusing plastering straw-bale walls from both sides: 
>Maybe you should try to gamble in some casino...
>Regards to all common sence people,
>Bane M. Prvanovic
>GPB Solutions d.o.o.
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>www.dragongpb.com www.housefasade.com 
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