[Strawbale] OSB or Not?

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Sun Dec 5 15:26:40 CET 2010

Hello Alex,

You also must try to make sure that the plaster goes through (in 
between) the reeds. Don't just have the plaster just stick on the 
surface of the reed. Special reed mats are sold for plastering; they 
have 1 cm spaces between the reeds. If you use regular reed mats sold in 
gardening stores, make sure to pull it so that spaces open up between 
the reeds.

As allways, it is best to test your concept  before 'going all the way'.

Good luck,

Le 05/12/2010 14:42, asbn a écrit :
> Dear Alex
> Sure, this is possible. Reed is a good (and one of the oldest) plaster
> ground, you just have to fix it well on the OSB (average every 10 cm a
> bracket/crib), because OSB has a very plain surface and the plaster doesn't
> make a really good connection to OSB by itself.
> Mit lieben Grüßen
> Herbert Gruber
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