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Fri Aug 6 03:44:04 CEST 2010

Builders Without Borders Workshop is Fundraiser for Haiti
August 14 & 15 in Kingston, New Mexico, Earthen Floors and Plasters

The January 12, 2010 earthquake in Port-au-Prince was an enormous 
tragedy for the people of Haiti, causing the deaths of 230,000 and 
leaving 1.4 million homeless.  Yet in its wake there is an enormous 
opportunity for Haiti to rebuild, restore, and revitalize itself in 
ways previously not possible.

Since the earthquake, Berkeley architect Martin Hammer has twice 
visited Haiti on assessment teams from the Earthquake Engineering 
Research Institute and the World Monuments Fund.  He is currently 
working with Builders Without Borders to help create sustainable 
reconstruction, and is giving a series of presentations about his 
experiences and vision for Haiti.

Also, on August 14 & 15 in Kingston, New Mexico, architect Alfred von 
Bachmayr will teach a hands-on workshop on earthen plasters and earthen 
floor installation.  Builders Without Borders (BWB) co-directors Derek 
Roff & Catherine Wanek will also give presentations on Rainwater 
Harvesting, Composting Toilets and Straw Bale Building Design 

Santa Fe, NM architect Alfred von Bachmayr is the founder of World 
Hands Project (www.worldhandsproject.org).  BWB and WHP have both 
submitted project proposals to the government of Haiti to create 
prototype building systems that are seismically-resistant, ecological, 
and empowering to the Haitian people and their economy.  All workshop 
proceeds will go to support rebuilding projects in Haiti.

The August natural building workshops in New Mexico will help support 
both BWB/Martin Hammer’s work , and the World Hands Project proposal in 
Haiti.  The workshops will be held Saturday and Sunday, August 14 & 15 
at the Black Range Lodge in Kingston, NM (www.blackrangelodge.com). The 
cost is $75 per day, or $115 for both days, including lunch and free 
camping.  For more information call 575-895-5652, or visit 

A limited number of work exchange positions are available for 
participants who can help prepare and clean up after the workshop.    

We've recently updated our website for more information activities 
focused Haiti.  I will send out a second message shortly, with a poster 
of the fundraising workshop.  Those of our members with slow 
connections or dial-up may wish to skip downloading this 800K poster.

Catherine Wanek
Derek Roff
Builders Without Borders Co-Directors
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