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Mon Nov 2 09:14:09 CET 2009

Dear Jure

The best description af car tyre foundation can be found on amazonails'
instructions for strawbalebuilders, page 25.
Naturally car tyres are filled with stone, so they are not weak as tyres
without airpressure. They are ugly, but usable as foundation. The typical
earthship (just google it) uses car tyres since more than 20 years.


More informations at http://www.amazonails.co.uk

best wishes,
Herbert Gruber
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> Hi,
> I got attention from Tia & Donald and building a tyre foundation. How did it
> turn out at the end and after some time now? I am planning to do a 2 rows of
> residue tyre foundation for my house, so this is why I am asking. Are there
> any test done so far on what is the lifetime of such foundation and if any
> problems are encountered and what should you pay attention to. I am planning
> to make a first fow of tyres into the ground and the second above ground.
> Shall the tyres be filled with a gravel?
> Regards,
> Jure Požar
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