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Oliver Blake Swann obswann at btinternet...
Tue Mar 24 23:16:45 CET 2009

Hi Dave,

I really appreciate you telling me about any problems you discover and I
hope others will do the same.

I was making some changes to the page which went a bit wobbly. It could
be that if you refresh your browser you will see the correction. It
looks OK to me in non-voted and voted modes. Could you refresh and
confirm it's OK for you too.

Regards, Oliver
From:"Dave Lambrechts" Lambrechts at tuvalustrobouw...

Hi there,
The vote results of the infestation vote still have the answers of the
other vote in them.
just so you knnow

Met vriendelijke groet,
Dave Lambrechts
Lambrechts at tuvalustrobouw...
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