[Strawbale] Added benefits of Mosquito nets

Max Vittrup Jensen max at permalot...
Fri Mar 20 18:23:29 CET 2009

Dear all,

While out harvesting or dry hemp stalks with my wife, I thought that the 
recent 'Bug' topic should have this happy ending:

We started PermaLot back in 2001, and have since hosted about 1800 
visitors and volunteers(!). The first one was a 26 year old Czech girl 
who came to help pick rowan berries in our orchard.  Accommodation was 
then (as now) quite basic: I offered her a mattress on the floor and 
some blankets/pillow. However, as the mosquito's had migrated inside to 
try to survive the autumn, she looked longingly at the large mosquito 
net covering my bed...
Being an old fashioned gentleman (!?), I kindly offered that she also 
could sleep next to me in safety from the miniature Dracula's...

Well, rest is history: Radka now co-manages PermaLot, gave home birth to 
our child, and looks forward to the day we finally finish our strawbale 

Morale: Would dedicated hard-working volunteers really want to stay if 
you have a chemical mosquito bomb? Get a net and trap the volunteers!


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