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I have had no experience with these bugs but what I notice when using  
just a commercial mosquito killer in summer that it also kills almost  
any other insect like spiders or a fly....
These are the common anti-mosquito devices you plug in and evaporate  
some stuff that kills them.
Ok, I know some people would say it can be unhealthy, but if you have  
children and leave a window open a little.... they sleep nice .... and  
we too!

Has nobody tried this yet?



On 19 mrt 2009, at 18:26, Rikki Nitzkin wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have been fishing around and found the lost archives!
> They are calles "Psocids" and are in the August 2004 archives...
> although if anyone has new solutions I am interested.
> thanks,
> Rikki
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