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> I'm searching for the Danish SB R-value testing results. So I can
> compare them with the German, Austrian and French results. Other
> (serious) tests are also welcome. I
> What I've found so far is :
> Country     Dry density(kg/m3)    Mesured Lambda (W/m.K)
> Germany     90                     0,05
(Converted to Murrican units)
            5.62 lbs/ft^3        0.35 Btu*inch/hr*ft^2*degF	
				( R-2.88 per inch)

> Austria       100,8                0,05
(Converted to Murrican units)
		6.29 lb/ft^3        (conductivity and resistivity same as German)

> France env.   70                   0,07
(Converted to Murrican units)

               4.37 lbs/ft^3	0.49	Btu*inch/hr*ft^2*degF	
         			(R-2.06	per inch)	

Without commenting upon the values suggested by the above tests, as a group
I find the results curious.

Given that thermal conductivity will vary with density as well as moisture  
content, it's disturbing that the German and Austrian results are  
identical (to two decimal places!)
even though there is an almost 12% difference in density between the two.

And given the powder-puff density of the French bales it's not surprising  
that the R-value is so low. Those bales probably should not have been used  
. For pastry maybe, but not for thermal testing of building-quality bales.

[Muttering to self in a non-Europee'in langauge]  Euros !

(And to those who don't speak English and may not catch the  
tongue-in-cheek tone of the above comments, don't bother getting too  
upset. Just razzin' y'all. The intent of this message was just to provide  
the conversion to Murrican units for the North American audience.)

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Rob Tom
Kanata, Ontario, Canada
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