[Strawbale] George Monbiot vs Bjorn Lomborg debate at Munk Centre. Dec 1

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>> do you happen to know if there is a transcript of any of these
>> Monbiot/Lomborg debates available online?

In addition to the previously-mentioned December 9 CBC Radio re-broadcast  
of the George Monbiot/Elizabeth May  vs Bjorn Lomborg/Lord Nigel Lawson  
debate that was held at the Munk Centre for International Studies at  
Trinity College, University of Toronto on the evening of December 1st

             see:   http://www.cbc.ca/ideas/schedule.html
                  (and scroll down to Wed. Dec. 9 :  "Munk Debates")

it appears that the full debate is available *now* as an MP3 download,  
along with a blog of the debate, videos , readers comments etc.


Don't ask me anything about the MP3 and video downloads because I haven't  
seen them yet and as such, don't know nuttin' about nuttin' about that.  
I'm waiting 'til after the neighbourhood kids go to bed and the Internet  
traffic subsides a bit so that my slow rural dial-up connection resumes a  
semblance of connectivity before I even attempt a massive download.

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