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Maybe a finish material like tadelakt could help. It´s a traditional technic
from Morocco used in humid rooms like hammams in earth constructions.

"Tadelakt is a waterproof lime plaster sealed with olive oil soap and
polished with a stone. Soft to the touch and warm to the eye, it can
seamlessly cover walls, sinks, showers, and even bathtubs. One of few
natural materials appropriate for wet areas, tadelakt is easy to clean and
highly resistant to mildew. Originally from Marrakech, tadelakt has stood
the tests of time in traditional North African hammams and royal palaces. As
it has been passed down from master to apprentice for centuries, tadelakt
has become one of the most beautiful hand crafted natural finishes on

Info text from http://www.artesanoplaster.com/tadelakt.html

2009/4/10 Rikki Nitzkin <rikkinitzkin at earthlink...>

> Yes, thank you. I understand this issue. I said the same thing when
> contacted for information. However the case is not that the walls grow
> fungi. The idea is that this person wants to build a MUSHROOM FARM. He
> wants the mushrooms to grow inside the building, not inside the walls.
> But for the mushrooms to grow he needs 75-90% Humidity inside the
> building (as if it were a Sauna). So the question is how to avoid that
> this necessary humidity affects the walls that surround it.
> I know that some people have made SB Saunas, so I suppose that the
> solutions that work for that would work for this...but am unsure as to
> what solutions have worked, and more importantly which ones have
> failed...
> sincerely,
> Rikki


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