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Thu Jun 26 19:39:18 CEST 2008

The Last Straw journal was first published in 1993 and is celebrating it's
15th anniversary in 2008. The journal has always been the source of
technical and general information. The publication is primarily a
reader-written account of the history of strawbale, and of the development,
research and testing, innovations and experiences of those who have been and
are now involved in its revival as a natural building material and method.

Your contribution of $15.00 or any multiple of 15 to help support the
journal and its continuation as the ongoing account of strawbale and natural
building in today's world would be a welcome expression of appreciation of
support for its future and for those who have contributed to the content and
production of this international publication over the past 15 years.

Checks and money orders made payable to GPFS/TLS may be mailed to PO Box
22706, Lincoln NE 68542-2706, or you may send your contribution via PayPal
(e-check or credit card). Or you can call the TLS office at 402.483.5135
day, evening, weekends - we're always glad to hear from you and to have your
suggestions and comments. Donations will be acknowledged in a future issue
of TLS. A receipt will be sent upon request only.

You can renew your subscription or start a new subscription through the TLS
web site www.thelaststraw.org (click on Online Issues & Orders). In addition
to the print format sent to you by mail, TLS issues 41 through the current
issue are also available in downloadable pdf format (including the CD-Rom of
issues 1 through 40) at www.thelaststraw.org (click on Online Issues &


Joyce Coppinger, Managing Editor
The Last Straw journal
GPFS/TLS, PO Box 22706, Lincoln NE 68542-2706 USA
402.483.5135, fax 402.483.5161
<thelaststraw at thelaststraw...>

P.S. Health problems of the Managing Editor/Publisher in the past year and
having to find a new printing company at the same time caused delays in the
publishing schedule. A new printing company is now on board and the Managing
Editor/Publisher is back on full schedule, so every effort is being made to
resume the publishing schedule as soon as possible. TLS#59 will be sent to
the printer soon and #60, #61, #62 and #63 are in various stages of

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