[Strawbale] Invitation volenteers for plasteringjob in Belgium

René Aleschus rene.aleschus at telenet...
Sat Jun 7 00:25:52 CEST 2008

To all,

For the period from the 28 june till 11of july we will invite one or two volenteers who is interested in strawbalebuilding and  likes to help us with plastering our stawbalehouse. The job contains to put two layers of clay/limeplaster on the outside (south-west) walls, we will use a spraymachine.

For accomodation we have a small caravan  in our garden or/and there is some space for using a tent.

We live and build  in Beringen(Koersel)  in Belgium
For more information you can mail or call us:

rene.aleschus at telenet...
Home 0032-11605981 (011-605981)
Mobile  0032-474860045 (0474-860045)  

Best regards,
René Aleschus and Joke de Haan

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