[Strawbale]green roof on a straw bale loading walls

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Hello Rene,

I'm working on an issue of TLS today and thought this project might fit in
well. Would you be willing to contribute an article about this project
including the detail about sizing the roof?

I apologize for not sending you payment for your guest editing. I was
hospitalized twice in 2007 and had to find a new printing company at the
same time. I'm back working full time now, have a new printing company on
board, and trying to get caught up on TLS publishing. I should be able to
pay you some time this spring.

I also read with great interest your posting about the 5-story building you
constructed. I would like very much to publish an article from you about
this building as I know of no other buildings of its height - and it's a
groundbreaking step for strawbale in commercial and housing construction.
Would this be a possibility?

Hope all is going well for you and for your business. Hope to hear from you


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on 5/30/05 7:51 AM, Rene Dalmeijer at rene.dalmeijer at hetnet... wrote:

> Valentina,
> I recently built a small Load bearing SB building with a green roof.
> This building has been built according to Dutch building regulations
> which are quite strict. There are no specific SB codes here so I had to
> give extra information to support the building permit. All in all
> though I had no trouble and the building functions very well partly due
> to the green roof.
> Depending on the size of the building a green roof might be too much
> for a purely LB SB wall although it does mean the house is quite big. A
> rough approach is to find out how much roof is area supported per ft/m
> SB wall. Based on the most conservative code for loading of a SB wall,
> the maximum allowable combined load is 10kN/m (giving a 2.81 safety
> factor) This means if you have a total roof span of 10m the maximum
> allowable weight of of the roof structure and loads is 2kN/m^2
> (10/(10/2) This is because the wall only has to bear the half span.
> The green roof system applied in the small building accounted for a
> dead load of 0.8 kN/m^2
> On May 27, 2005, at 07:36, strawbale-request at amper....muni.cz wrote:
>> Hi all!
>> i guess that there are some "nebraska" houses with green=20
>> roof....built....
>> i'm planning one....i have to pass all law certification process...i=20
>> found and look at some test of loads that straw bale can
>> carry....and=20
>> it's seems that is not a good idea to have a green roof....
>> anybody had already experience with it?
>> thank you to all....a great list..
>> all the best, valentina
> Rene
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