[Strawbale] TLS CD Issues 1-40 now available online

Joyce Coppinger jc10508 at alltel...
Mon Apr 7 21:02:18 CEST 2008

The first 40 issues (1 through 40 - 1993 through 2003) of The Last Straw,
the international 40-page quarterly journal of strawbale and natural
building, is now available in PDF downloadable format. Cost: $40. Order
through the TLS web site www.thelaststraw.org - click on Online Issues &

The pdf is searchable by key words (plaster, stacking, etc.), by name or by
place. The document is 171MB and contains 1,329 pages so it may take a few
minutes to open, depending on the computer you use.

When you purchase the CD-Rom 1-40 online, you will receive a password by
email giving you access to the CD's PDF. You may read the content online or
print out single pages or the full document. The CD is copyrighted so please
do not share your password or make duplicate copies of the CD or any of its

Joyce Coppinger, Managing Editor
The Last Straw journal
GPFS/TLS, PO Box 22706, Lincoln NE 68542-2706 USA
402.483.5135, fax 402.483.5161
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