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Hello Simon,

Still haven't seen my post appear on the list. Am I being too impatient or
is there a problem?


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  Hi Nigel

  I don't remember seeing your message before, but I notice that your
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order to post to it, which you can do at

  Best Wishes
  Simon (list administrator)

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    Hi there,

    I posted this a while ago but have heard/seen nothing - did it get
    to your correctly?

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    Hi there,

    I need some advice / ideas. I'm planning to build a largish (20 m2)
    shed / greenhouse. My current thinking is essentially a wood frame
    with glazing on south sides and strawbale infill on north facing walls.
    roof will be a single slope, rising to south side to allow maximum
    area, also insulated with strawbales, snd with large overhangs to
    walls and prevent overheating in Summer. The floor inside the building
    be compacted gravel to allow any overflow from the watering to soak
    I'll need drains out though the foundations so that water doesn't
    accumulate. The site is more or less level. The soil is fairly sandy and
    I've access to plenty of stone and/or old roof tiles.

    So I'm unsure what would be a good solution for the foundations and I'd
    appreciate your ideas. Main critera are low impact, low cost and, if
    possible, not too much work!

    Thanks in advance,


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