[Strawbale] ESBG 2009, Expo Zaragoza

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Mon Sep 3 10:24:54 CEST 2007

Dear Rikki,
yes I agree, spring or autumn are the best times for conferences. Just 
thisyear we choose the ecovillage of Siebenlinden for the ESBG, and 
there was only the option for August, I am sorry ,that it was not 
suitable for everybody.
Please can you give a web site adress of the straw bale pavillion in 
Zaragosa. Do you know when it is going to be built?
As for the next ESBGs I am sure we find good solutions and places for 
the years to come. Anyway it seems to have a lot of approval to take 
place more frequently in the future and I am happy that we get more 
international contacts. Thanks again for all people who believe in this 
movementand who came to meet. It is a gerat support for this work.
Best wishes

Rikki Nitzkin wrote:
> HI all, 
> My vote is also for every two years. Also I would mention that at least for
> me (and I imagine many builders) it is difficult to attend in the middle of
> summer because we are working.  I would prefer that it be before or after
> building season. If it is planned far enough in advance other dates should
> not be a problem.
> What do others think about the best dates?
> On the other hand I would add that the idea of doing the conference in Czech
> Republic is very exciting.  Although before deciding we should see who else
> is interested and then vote on it.  I have not yet talked to the other
> members of the Spanish Strawbale Network, but had thought of maybe proposing
> it be in Spain in 2009 (although I wouldn't mind putting it off and doing it
> in 2011...). I doubt I could offer a proposal before next spring...
> Also, I wanted to let everyone know that in the World Expo in Zaragoza
> (summer 2008) there will be a Pavillion built with straw, clay, wood and
> bamboo. It will be roundish, 35m diameters at the base and 22m tall...has
> anything else been made like that anywhere?  It will also include natural
> refrigeration systems. Exciting, huh?
> Take care, 
> Rikki Nitzkin
> Aulás, Lleida, España
> rikkinitzkin at earthlink...
> (0034)657 33 51 62 
> www.casasdepaja.com (Red de Construcción con Balas de Paja)
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