[Strawbale] Re: Strawbale Digest, Vol 25, Issue 14 (Jakub Wihan's thesis)

peter van balen peter at tentotwo...
Wed Oct 24 09:08:41 CEST 2007

The link for downloading Jakub Wihan's MSc thesis can be you found on his 
homepage http://www.jakubwihan.com
The direct link is: http://www.jakubwihan.com/pdf/thesis.pdf

It makes very interesting reading!

Peter van Balen


From: "Max Vittrup Jensen" <permamax at gmail...>

Hiya all,

Just to make you aware that Jakub Wihan recently finished his phd thesis
(No; NOT an abreviation for Post Hole Digger!) about moisture in strawbale
buildings. I know he would make it available on his site www.jakubwihan.com,
though I havn't yet noticed it there.
I haven't found time to study the thesis, but it may cover these critters
-At least you can study his previous assignment of computer simulation of
how to make a zero energy SB house...I'll recommend it any time.

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