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Dear Philippe, I am sorry to say that my experience with strawbalehouses is very limited. I am an engineer and always seem to design outside my area of experience. This is fine inasmuch as one's approach is without prejudice but from thereon it is a steep learning curve. I am appealing a local planning decision that has refused me permission to build a prototype of my strawbalehouse. I need to prove the design and the build process before I can offer this design as a zero carbon "kit" home - supply your own bales! I should really be asking YOU for your experience - good luck and if I can be of help just say how. regards Brian Waite
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  Good morning,

  I am working on a strawbale house project in France that I shall present in Brazil soon and I would be grateful of any information concerning strawbale houses in Brazil because I don't know if this kind of construction even exists there.

  Thank you in advance for your help and information.

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