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Hi Leanne,
 Im sorry to hear about your spotty problem, it must be a quite distressing for you all, I hope otherwise you are able to enjoy your new home and the hard work youve put into it.
 have you got a website with details of your house on it?
  Prehaps if you gave us a few more details of how it is built including the materials and finishs used and the systems installed, for example ventilation, heating etc it would be easier for people here to help diagnose the problems. 
Do you have plants or animals around you? 
 With a new construction, depending on the materials used, its quite possible for there to be a certain amount of humidity present within the structure initially that you would not normally "sense", especially when using organic building materials such as strawbales or earth plasters. 
  this should reduce over time as they dry out and equalize with the ambiant enviroment.
 If you think there might be a humidity problem where a part of the structure is not able to dry properly or there is damp penetration then again, depending on the types of materials used, you would either see mould blooms on surface materials or if it is right inside the structure it might only be detectable with humidity sensoring equipment.
 good luck!
Paul Sheraton
 > To: strawbale at amper....muni.cz> Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2007 22:00:39 +0200> Subject: [Strawbale] Re: covered in spots> > Catherine,> I don't think we have a humidity problem (but you never know!). People> comment on how dry and healthy the air smell when they come over (especially> during a rainy period).> But if we did have a spot that was humid in the walls, would we smell it or> notice it somehow?> Leanne in france (taking her spots to bed)> > > ____________________________________________________> European strawbale building discussion list> > Send all messages to:> Strawbale at amper....muni.cz> > Archives, subscription options, etc:> http://amper.ped.muni.cz/mailman/listinfo/strawbale> ____________________________________________________> > 
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