[Strawbale] Re: Strawbale Digest, Vol 25, Issue 7

peter van balen peter at tentotwo...
Wed Oct 17 14:19:26 CEST 2007

Hi Leanne,

Very sorry to hear about this pest spoiling your beautiful house. I was just 
wondering whether it has anything to do with the fact that there seemed to 
be a lot of grains left in the bales (if I remember correctly from the first 
few bales I saw), as if part of the grains were not (properly) harvested?

Bon courage!
Peter van Balen

ps: for (slow) progress on our own SB project, see: 


i only seem to post when we have a strange problem:)
good news; just moved into our strawbale home!!  bad news;  the whole family
covered in spots from a mysterious source.  for the last 4 weeks my husband
been coved in spots, i started once spending alot of time in the house
the finishings and now living since 10 days and everyone that spends even an
hour in the house goes away (the next day) with spots.
We have narrowed it down to either an insect or parts (like hairs or
that everyone seems to react to.  also invisible to the naked eye.  i'm
wondering if any of you that live in a strawbale house can shed any light on
what this could be (if straw related)  our roof insulation is treated sheeps

it kind of put a damper on our much awaited move into our beautiful house!

depressed in france

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