[Strawbale] National gathering of the French Straw Building Network, 1-4 nov

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Tue Oct 2 12:27:58 CEST 2007

Hello everybody,

The next national gathering of the French Straw Building Network - Les Compaillons - will be held in the north-west of France. 1-4 november. The gathering will be in French only (except for the presentation on loadbearing SB construction by Amazon Nails).

Below you find a translation of the planning for our gathering. Lots of talking on non technical issues to make sure the network continues to function and will move on in the directions that will be decided upon during the gathering. Presentations of different sb building techniques are scheduled for Friday afternoon and (Amazon Nails) Friday evening.

The gathering is held at JUBLAINS (12 km south east of Mayenne, between Rennes and Le Mans)

More information on www.lamaisonenpaille.com

Best regards,
André de Bouter
La Maison en Paille

*Program : 1-4 nov 2007*


14:00 Opening session : different work groups discus their subjects 
among them (Building Codes / Training / Assurances / ...)

19:45 dinner

21:15 'flashback' on the European gathering and a regional one held in 
the south west of France.


9:00 Gathering of the association: assessment of the current financial 
and moral situation and that of the different work groups, reelection of 
the council(?).

13:00 Lunch

14:45 Presentations on different sb building techniques used in France 
by Pascal Thépaut, Tom

Rijven, Annaïg Madec, Christelle Dupont, Thierry Soubrier, Philippe 
Liboureau and others.

19:45 Dinner

21:15 Presentation on loadbearing sb construction by Amazon Nails.


9:00 Presentation of the new council(?)(I'll spare you the technical 
discussions on the future orientations of the network

13:00 Lunch

14:45 Continuing on the future orientations of the network

Voting the suggestions on the future orientations of the network and 
their work groups and deciding who is the contact person for each group.

19:45 Dinner

21:30 Music and dance from Québèc.


9:00? Different work groups continue their discussions

13:00 lunch

14:45 clean-up

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