[Strawbale] Volenteers needed in Belgium

René Aleschus rene.aleschus at skynet...
Wed May 2 00:23:09 CEST 2007

To all,

Anyone interested in plastering a strawbalehouse . Is very much welcome to get some experience and help us with our house.
This weekend  5/6 May  we are plastering  with a plastermachine. (for the Dutch/Belgium  it's the: leemspuitmachiene E4 pomp van Oskam)
We will work in the house nearly the whole month of May.
We live and build  in Beringen(Koersel)  in Belgium
For more information you can mail or call us at
Rene.aleschus at skynet...
Home 0032-11605981 (011-605981)
Mobile  0032-474860045 (0474-860045)  

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