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Mon Mar 5 21:23:00 CET 2007

These students are welcome to take a look a my house (of which Herwig was 
the architect) too.
I live some 20 kms away from Herwig's.
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Hi Rikki,

You can send him my coördinates.

Herwig Van Soom

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> I have gotten a message from a Spanish student of Technical Arquitectura 
> in
> Gent, Belgium.  HE is doing his Â"end of careerÂ" project, with a another
> student, on Sustainable Construction.  They want to use a straw bale house
> as their choice of a model building.  They would be interested in visiting
> Straw bale houses, builds or talk with people with experience in Straw 
> Bale
> Construction in Belgium.
> If anyone has suggestions of who they should see or talk to please send
> contact information to:  Edu Chamizo elalcoholnomesube at hotmail... .
> Thanks!
> Rikki Nitzkin
> Aulás, Lleida (Spain)
> Auto-constructora y Educadora en Construcción con Balas de Paja y Revocos 
> de
> Arcilla
> Co-ordinadora Red de Construcción con Balas de Paja
> (0034) 657 33 51 62
>  <mailto:rikkinitzkin at earthlink...> rikkinitzkin at earthlink... (Personal)
>  <mailto:casasdepaja at yahoo...> casasdepaja at yahoo... (Asuntos de la Red)
> http://www.casasdepaja.com  (Red de Construcción con Balas de Paja)
> "Tenemos el Derecho y Responsabilidad de Crear el Mundo en que Queremos
> Vivir"
> "We Have the Right and Responsability to Create the World we Want to Live
> in"


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