[Strawbale] Straw bale building for cold weather?

donald mchardy fieryx at hotmail...
Mon Mar 5 16:11:05 CET 2007

Hi Mark,

>cannot go unchallenged,
>... you are basically ignorant on the subject

Fair points, glad it wasn't ignored and no offence taken

>most people ... have never had the opportunity to study the science ... 
>mathematical ... climate modelling works.

I have 3 (science and engineering) degrees and regard my maths abilities to 
be way, way above average.  I am also intimately familiar with scientific 
principles and protocols - and the politics and realities of practicing 
science. I have a keen interest in meteorology.

My intention is to give the folks here a heads up (if they need it) as this 
is not a climate change forum (as pointed out).  There were a couple of 
links and points in my post (read it again) but don't take my word for it; 
do your own research (proper research is never quick or easy). Science is 
often in the detail and the best sources are in the meteorology publications 
and not what the media say the meteorologists are saying.

As a parthian shot, history is littered with examples of Big Government 
hijacking science for their own ends. Don't confuse competent science with 
competent media manipulation.

As they say ... "bale on"


PS My straw-bale garden office is now completed.  woohoo! :-)

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