[Strawbale] load bearing in the Algarve

André de Bouter forum at lamaisonenpaille...
Sat Jul 7 06:05:49 CEST 2007

For more information on design considerations in seismic areas read 
"Design of SB Buildings" by Bruce King.

Although I'm really not a fan of 'masonry-post and beam' it might be 
difficult to find an alternative in Portugal. In Andalusia I 
participated in the build of a sb house. A carpenter was found to build 
the post and beam structure but he had clearly never built a post and 
beam structure before in his life as almost all construction in that 
region is done with masonry (even roof structures!). An alternative 
could be to have a carpenter come from a more nordic country.

Best regards,

André de Bouter

peter weijnen a écrit :
> I would not think its advisible to build load bearing in the Algarve. 
> Its has got its sismic activity every now and then, and one of the big 
> earth-quakes of man-kind,Lisbon 1755 has its origin in a fault not 
> very far away from Ponta de Sagres.
> I will be going on holiday in the area soon.
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