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Tue Jan 2 11:29:37 CET 2007

Dear Straw bale building Experts and Enthusiasts!

I am from NGO Renewable Energy Information Consultation Centre, Lithuania.
Couple days ago we started project "Promotion of Straw Buildings'
Construction for the Climate Change Mitigation" partly supported by UNDP
SGP. We will organize seminars, develop web site and publish a book in
So we would like to gather international experience on building,
architecture, energy issues and promotion of straw bale building. All
information concerning implemented projects is very welcome.
We also would like to participate in workshops or straw bale buildings'
visits. Please let me know who is organizing such events next spring and
summer. We are looking for possibilities to organize international
workshop in Lithuania this or next August/September.
At the moment we have 2 straw bale buildings in Lithuania. We hope to have
hundreds of them in several years period.
So we are looking for cooperation with you.

Thank you in advance and let me wish you happy and successful 2007 year
and good weather for building processes and workshops.

Sunniest regards from Vilnius,

Edita Milutienė
Atsinaujinančios energijos informacijos konsultacinis centras
Vytenio 10-60, 03001 Vilnius, LITHUANIA
info at ateik...

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