[Strawbale] strawbale building in netherlands or germany in lateMarch?

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Wed Feb 21 11:31:20 CET 2007

Hello Michelle,

If your trip in Europe also brings you to Belgium you are most welcome to 
our house,  We are building a strawbalehouse, and live close to the building 
Plasterwork inside, roof insulation and electricity are some of the things 
we are working on at the moment.
You can check out our  website (but it is not up to date ) 

Lots of fun,

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> Greetings!
> My friend and I will be traveling through Europe for a couple of weeks and 
> will be in the Netherlands and Germany from March 22nd - 30th.  I'm not 
> sure about our specific schedule yet but we're staying in Amsterdam and 
> then with friends of friends in Freiberg or Freiburg Germany...I've 
> discovered that there are 7 Frieberg/burgs in Germany and I'm not yet sure 
> in which one we'll be.  :)
> Anyway...I was wondering if anyone would have any strawbale projects going 
> on at that time that I might stop in and check out, and maybe lend a hand 
> on, if schedules allow.  I am part of an organization in Traverse City, 
> MI, USA called the Eco Learning Center (www.ecolearningcenter.org) where 
> we have a couple of small strawbale structures and have plans to utilize 
> strawbale in some much larger structures during the next few summers. 
> It's always good to see how other people are going about it.
> If anyone has any information about naturally built or strawbale 
> greenhouses (bioshelter-like) that are heated to do winter growing, I'd 
> love to have a tour.
> Thanks very much for your help!
> Michelle Moore
> cupri at yahoo...
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