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Wed Feb 14 19:19:01 CET 2007

Dear Amit,

They probably are what we call plaster beatles. They live on the fungus 
that is created behind the plaster. When the plaster dries they stop as 
there is no more moisture for the fungus. If they keep on coming out of 
your wall for more than 2 months you probably have a moisture problem in 
your wall (and should say 'thank you' to the beatles for letting you 
know). For now the thing to do is to vacume often. They are not harmful. 
Look where they come out and fill up those holes (once all is over) 
because these spots are air leaks (and say 'thank you' again). Also 
check if there is a certain wall/area is affected as it might be a 
moisture problem.

Best regards,

André de Bouter
La Maison en Paille

Amit Kvint a écrit :
> Hi there,
> I have built my SB home & moved in last June.
> The house is amazing and we are very happy.
> Since we have moved in I noticed there are these small bugs that you 
> see once in a while tiny ones, can hardly be seen, and usually in 
> groups. I have looked these last few days on the net and am quite sure 
> now that they are "straw itch mite", does anyone know anything about 
> this mite? the effect it might have on the bales etc...? any info will 
> be appreciated.
> Regard,
> Amit
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