[Strawbale] any strawbalers from SK or CZ?

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Fri Feb 2 23:36:36 CET 2007

I am only a researcher of this forgotten for Bulgaria - now modernized - building method.

Sincerely Yours:
Eng. Bogomil KIosstov AVRAMOV-HEMY

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 >Относно: [Strawbale] any strawbalers from SK or CZ?
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 >we are getting ready to build our low-impact strawbale house in Slovakia, near Trencin. We thought it'd be nice to meet people from the Czech or Slovak republic and share experiences about building with straw. We are complete beginners in terms of administration, norms etc. that need to be taken care of when  building a non-standard building in Slovakia, so perhaps somebody could give us advice..
 >Looking forward to your answers (in Czech, Slovak or English), 
 >Ivan and Jana
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С бензин в кръвта!

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