[Strawbale] New proposal for European Strawbale gathering 2009

André de Bouter forum at lamaisonenpaille...
Mon Aug 27 15:50:22 CEST 2007

Hello Max,

Yes, I would welcome the next European Gathering to be held in East 
Europe. The Czeck republic is fine with me.
1 European gathering every 2 years seems best to me.
I did not go to the European Gathering in Germany this year because the 
dates were set to late. I plan my year in december to be able to publish 
the workshops dates on our website well in advance. So one advice: plan 
and communicate your dates well in advance.

Can you sent me the pdf file Duncan mentioned (accueil at lamaisonenpaille...om)

Best of luck with the preparations,

André de Bouter

Max Vittrup Jensen a écrit :
> Dear all,
> This mail relates to a mail I mailed to several 'loose' email 
> addresses a few days ago. The short text was the following, the 
> attachment can be requested from me.
> ///////////
> Dear all Euro Strawbalers...
> Attached you'll find a proposal which may be a bit controversial? It's
> simply a slightly late offer to host the ESBG 09.
> The offer is supported by the 2 Czech strawbale interest organisations:
> Ekodum and Zelene Staveni (Ales Brotanek and Michal Navratil), as well
> as our organisation; PermaLot. In addition Tom Rijven recommends it, as
> he believe it would support the development of Strawbale building in the
> East: This is also why we're asking to host it already in 2009.
> We are aware that there are no Euro authority within the SB circles, and
> thereby no-one who can be the formal judge. We hope you will write your
> opinion and we'll all be able to judge on consensus. The added benefit of
> doing it online is naturally that also those of you who could not afford
> the journey to the ESBG07 can have your say: Please everyone, forward
> this to all SB circles in Europe.
> Bale and Love,
> Max   www.permalot.org
> ////////////////
> Second volume:
> I'd be specially interested in hearing about your view of the intervals
> (every second year as now? Less? More?), and especially to hear from
> those of you who were not in Germany: What kept you away? Distance?
> Participant fee? or simply lack of time...?
> Below I've posted the feed-back I've received so far. I hope that from
> now on it will all be more public available through hitting 'reply to'
> this email, [perhaps you first need to sign in etc?]
> My personal comment is that I especially agree with Sissy, Eva and
> Norak. I worry about having ESBG every year, especially when it overlaps
> with the International gathering. I find the Belgian idea of the site
> interesting, however I fear that keeping it in Belgium will limit
> participation for some, and/or require unsustainable fundraising...
> Bales and Love,
> Max
> PS: Norak: To your concern: I'll post an aerial view soon: there's no
> more than 500 meters between accommodation and our site. We'd have tent
> accommodation and large social/tents tents at the field by our site and
> educational center. The center has 2 rooms for gatherings of up to 15-20
> people, along with office. There should be a small round SB house build
> next to the field as well by 2009 (15 people). Kitchen is on site. If we
> need the large indoor conference center it's 2 km away, however perhaps
> we could use Standa's accommodation instead. Between Standa and us are
> the village commons, where we should arrange for a party, perhaps SB
> game at the soccer field...
> PS: Please respect the request of 2 of the email recipients to be
> removed from this group email: All in all: only use the elist from now
> on....
> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> dear max,
> great proposal. austria - at least as i am concerned  :-)   - will
> support you.
> yours, thomas
> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Were you the Scot at the ESBG07?...or an unknown angel? ...and how do 
> you like the proposal?
> No, I'm a New Zealander living in Denmark. So I was at ISBBC2006.
> I haven't looked at the Belgian proposal, but I usually support holding
> such things in poorer areas who can benifit most from the visit and
> visability of such a meeting. So I like it. I would try and come, I'd
> love to see Czech Republic.
> Duncan
> dlithgow , gmail.com
> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> please, delete us from this list.
> Elisabeth
> stengaarden , os.dk
> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Dear Max,
> I am not against and of course we would help to prepare the event with
> you. (It seems that maybe ArTUR ngo will become more active in straw
> bale and clay, so you will have a bigger partner in Slovakia, then so
> far, I will know more at the end of week)
> Yes, I also think that it would help the development in East.
> (Morover, maybe we could get some of our straw bale friends to visit us
> too maybe after event, as it is not that far anymore.)
> Zuzana
> zkierulfova , gmail.com
> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Dear Max,
> thanks for your offer to host the next ESBG. I like the idea.
> For me it depends on the Belgian people, if they really like to host it,
> they have the priority as we agreed about doing it there. If they think
> it's fine to do it in Czech Republic, who should mind to do it there?
> I'd love to have a chat with you when you are in Sieben Linden. Please
> let me know when you are here.
> Eva
> P.S.: Next time, please send smaller mails! Not everybody has a
> DSL-connection, my computer was paralized for a long time with loading
> your document.
> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Hello Max
> it seems that you feel the straw-ESBG-fever too!
> What can we say? In these last two weeks, we were very busy with
> brainstorming and organizing and programming. We almost have the OK
> -word of a nice location here in Limburg: it is not a bio-eco-commune
> like in Sieben Linden or in your place, but it is an open air museum
> with many old houses made of straw and clay: the domein Bokrijk. We
> could make a beautiful link between past and future and the role of
> natural materials.
> One of the advantages of Bokrijk: from the structure of Bokrijk (it is
> in hands of our province Limburg) we could get lots of supports for
> fundraising and making promotion for our european straw-vision.
> Maybe the international straw-scene is ready for an annual congress, so
> every year. Would you agree with ESBG 2009 in Belgium (give us some time
> to organize it) and then in 2010 in Szech, and then in 2011 in ?
> Dear Max, we don't feel like playing a who-will-win-this game.  We are
> still interested to do it, but we will listen to all the reactions.
> In the next days, I will explain to everybody of our email-list, where
> we are standing in the organisation of the ESBG 2009. So they will be
> informed about both the proposals.
> A bale and love from our side to you
> Groetjes
> Geert
> PS: Nice that you put those videofragments on Youtube. What a promotion
> for the French dip!!!
> here is the site of Bokrijk:
> http://www.limburg.be/bokrijk/eng/index.html
> geert.goffin , telenet.be
> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
> Hiya Geert,
> I'm just in and out, czeching the mails...   I basically agree with the
> comment from Eva, and like you I don't believe in 'winning' games;
> cooperative games are best.  I'll get back in a few days with a real
> answer once we get more reactions: I'd recommend that you mail everyone
> and tell about the place, so they have something to compare with?
> Peace and Love,
> Max
> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Hi Max,
> thanks for your picturefull presentation. I like the idea of meeting in
> Czech Republik.
> I think its important to find a good solution together with the belgium
> host volunteers.
> Best wishes
> Fredi
> www.stroh-unlimited.de
> mail , stroh-unlimited.de
> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Dear Max, dear all...
> thanks Max for your interest and for contactiong the people in your
> country.
> Please contact especially Giggi, Hein and Peter from Belgium, who where
> ready to organize a ESBG in their country, where it was not sure yet, if
> it would happen in 2008 or in 2009. There was the idea to meet in
> Belgium in advance with at least one representative of each interested
> country to prepare this in common.
> Sissy
> from Germany
> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> wanted to write message to all but my dear yahoo is refusing to send it
> to all adresses at once, could u please max send it from yours so when
> people hit "reply all", everybody in the circle sees the following
> conversation? otherwise it might get really confusing
> thanx a lot
> norak
> ps: sissy is there any email list of conference people yet that would
> make this kind of thing easier?
> Hey,
> just a quick thought on next gathering...
> - my understanding when i was leaving 7linden was that belgian guys are
> considering hosting the gathering. Also during the conference i heard a
> reflection of some sort from the direction of baltic states (if im not
> mistaken Edita spoke it to the circle at some moment) that they might
> consider hosting the next gathering too...
> - i think it would be really good to hear from all what their thinking
> on this subject is, especially from folks who were at one time or the
> other considering hosting the gathering. What are your options? What are
> the main issues that would need to be dealt with if the gathering was to
> be hosted at yours place? What would be the facilities? We heard from
> czech, it would be great to hear also from belgians and see if there is
> anybody else int he circle still considering this. And then of course if
> we really want to decide by consensus and not just by "virtue" of silent
> majority it would be great to hear from every single of us - what do we
> think?
> - so my position on czech:
> i quite like the idea exactly because of the reasons Max mentioned, more
> people from so called east able to come more easily, potential positive
> impact on the situation in czech and slovakia.
> - my doubt: arent the facilities too spread out? especially the main
> gathering space - where would it be?
> - my position on belgium: i really dont have much of a opinion yet as we
> havent had much specific info, but i know it would be expensive again
> for people like me to come, what always puts one in a difficult
> position. This time i volunteered and i was gratefull for the
> opportunity but in the same time i felt unequal to the people from the
> west who could afford the gathering easily and didnt have to compromise
> their participation (and of course there is many ways how to deal with
> this situation even if next gathering happens again in a "rich" country,
> and i would love to be part of that conversation:)   - my position on
> baltic states: id love it but i have no idea if the guys were at all
> serious? please?
> - last but not least: one more big thanx for the folks who organised the
> last gathering. it was a delightful event and i think we need more!
> love to all
> norak
> from turkey and slovakia and czech
> seed4peace , yahoo.com
> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Please delete us from this list!
> Lene Kjaer, livsbanken , paradis.dk
> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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