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Wed Apr 18 08:59:36 CEST 2007

Hello everyone,

Joyce Coppinger of The Last Straw asked me to sent this message to this 
list as her attempt bounced.


*TLS/ /Announces New Services *

*and Rate Schedule Changes for 2007*

The rate for a 4-issue subscription to /The Last Straw/ journal for 
those residing in the U.S. has remained at $28.00 since 1993. The 
subscription rate covers the costs of production, printing and bulk rate 
postage but does not cover expenses required to operate /TLS, /we depend 
on sponsorships for that. To help maintain the quality of content, 
production and distribution,* the U.S. subscription rate were increased 
as of January 2007* *to $32.00 for a 4-issue subscription* – a nominal 
increase of $1.00 per issue. The _4-issue subscription rate for Canada 
will also be $32.00 USD_ (subscriptions for all of North America will 
now be the same). The _4-issue_ _subscription rate for other countries 
remains $36.00 USD_.

To increase access to /The Last Straw/ journal for our subscribers 
around the world, including the U.S., we will offer an *online 4-issue 
subscription in January 2007* through the TLS web site 
_www.thelaststraw.org_. The online issues will be uploaded to the web 
site in pdf format with _color photographs for the cover and inside 
pages, when available_. The *4-issue online subscription rate will be 
$24 USD*. The online subscription can be read on the computer and issues 
will be printable using an assigned password. Printing should be limited 
to one copy per issue per subscriber to honor the /TLS/ copyright. 
Please understand that the printing of color photographs may not be of 
high quality if you do not have a color printer. *The printable online 
version will not be in bound copy format*. The printed pages from these 
issues can be added easily to three-ring notebooks for storage and 
future reference. We may offer the notebooks for sale on our web site at 
some future date.

We are not able to transfer print copy subscriptions to online 
subscriptions. If you want, you can switch from print copy to online 
copy when your current subscription expires. _Remember_ that the online 
copy is not bound, but will contain color photographs, when available.

*We will continue to publish a print copy for every future issue!* The 
print copy of /TLS/ will continue to be produced in black and white text 
and photos, with an occasional glossy cover and/or color cover 
photograph to increase our distributorships and market the journal 
through newsstands and other outlets. We plan to change the cover and 
layout design in 2008.

*Back issues of /TLS/#41 through the most recent issue can be purchased 
online, in a printable pdf format (limit one print copy with password) 
with color photos, when available*. Remember that the online issues can 
be read on the computer or printed in unbound format. The printed pages 
from these issues can be added easily to three-ring notebooks for 
storage and future reference. Again, we may offer the notebooks for sale 
on our web site at some future date. _Back issues of /TLS/ #1 through 
#40 are also available for purchase in print copy and on the /TLS/ 
CD-Rom The First Ten Years_. Check the web site _www.thelaststraw.org_ 
for order form or call the /TLS/ office 402.483.5135 or email 
<thelaststraw at thelaststraw...>

Additional copies of /TLS/ issues #41 through current issue can be 
ordered by distributors at the bulk rate of 50% discount or $4.00 per 
issue plus shipping and handling costs. Bulk orders are invoiced and 
payment is due upon receipt. Contact the /TLS/ Office for details: 
402.483.5135, fax 402.483.5161 <_thelaststraw at thelaststraw..._>

_Please remember that TLS is copyrighted._ We hope that you will honor 
these provisions and the work of /TLS/ and the authors and photographers 
who contribute content by not reproducing, reprinting or distributing 
any part or content of /TLS/ without written permission. /TLS/ contacts 
contributors for their approval before giving its permission for 
reprinting, reproduction or use of any content.

If you have questions or need additional information, please do not 
hesitate to contact the /TLS/ office.

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