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I don't want to start a discussion about health and building, there  
are in this field other forums that go deep in it for the ones  
I just like to be careful with such statements and the so called  
study's that claim to know the truth about a subject that is so new  
in history: wavelengths, radiation,.... the modern invisibles in all  
it forms.
Your statement about leukemia and high tension lines is even not  
proved and subject of speculation more, then studies that would take  
other facts as important, because the lines are the most obvious in  
the view of the eyes.
I think nobody likes to live under such things anyway!! ( ask any  
real estate agent )

I will have a look though at your suggested sites, but I always try  
to keep an open mind and not go for mass fear in the style of Al Gore..

Avoiding bad substances and obvious health hazards is clearly a point.
To the point of geomancy, earth-radiation,....  is a decision within  
a personal believe-system simply resulting from what information that  
was chosen (or not) to read.

I just wanted to point out that many interested in strawbale building  
also do this for other reasons than health.
Beauty, craftsmanship and durability is my primary motivation.

Wishing you all the luck "forfilling" your motivations,

Michel Van Mulders, from Belgium.

On 4-apr-07, at 10:35, Kurt Splittdorf wrote:

> I am sorry, but it just no true that there is no scientific proof.
> About microwaves there are many studies written, it is proofen that  
> it has an effect on humans, and it is proofen that it is not haelthy.
> It is not about making fear, it is about to give the people the  
> right information to protect them self.
> There is a study payed from the EU, just read it and think about  
> it.... cant find a direct link for an english version...
> the study is called REFLEX-Study you find it.
> Think about all the shit they aleardy sold to there customers and  
> still do. Telling them that there is no problem.
> Asbestos, lead in the full, toxic paint for the sleeping room and  
> many more.
> And it is always the same, the people dont belive it, use that  
> stuff over and over, and at the end they say, oh we did not know.  
> Those evil companys... We (the consumers) have the power, use it!!!
> What does it help to have a strawbale house when you life  
> underneath a high-tension line. It is proofen that it increases the  
> rate of leukemia for children. That is why you must have a certain  
> distance from those.
> What does it help if you have a nice earth celler in your house if  
> you build in an area with a lot of radioactiv gas (radon)?
> Buy nice littel toys for child, full with heavy metall and  
> chemicals...
> OK, i see, of course this is something diffrent.... no it is not,  
> it is just the same. People belive more in geomancy than in  
> physically measureable fields. We can protect our selfs, we just  
> have to know it. And i am not talking about buying a sticker and  
> put it on your cellphone and than you can talk without risk. This  
> wont help!!!
> The human body has developt in a natural enviromant. Our body is  
> using electric impulses to communicat. Take a look at our brain and  
> you see what i mean, but it is not only the brain...
> The evolution had millons of years of time to adapt to the  
> enviroment earth.
> We should try to keep the non natural influences in our house (bed  
> room) on a minimum level.
> This is called precautions against risks(Vorsorge) And there we  
> should do as much as possible.
> Kurt
>> Especially when it comes to statements about magnetism and earth  
>> radiation, e-smog...and there is so much more for people that like  
>> to get into this field. ..
>> This is all without any scientific proof of relevance and many  
>> people get misled by pseudo-science that comes only from putting  
>> fear in our heads.
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