[Strawbale] Concrete Base - foundations question??

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Wed Apr 4 07:52:34 CEST 2007

Hello builders,

I was happy to read the the last message of Stewart H. about the use  
of concrete in SB building. (last paragraph)

In today's SB and natural building it would be nice to mention also  
that this kind of building is not only done for the reason of being  
bio, eco etc..
Building with these materials have part from being environmentally  
friendly many advantages that are pure comfortable and beautiful in  
many aspects.

In this regard I like to presume that there are many people that are  
interested in this form of building for those reasons than for being  
"eco" or "bio"
Compromises are also "natural" in this kind of building.
Especially when it comes to statements about magnetism and earth  
radiation, e-smog...and there is so much more for people that like to  
get into this field. ..
This is all without any scientific proof of relevance and many people  
get misled by pseudo-science that comes only from putting fear in our  

With thanks to this forum for all the real practical information that  
leads to quality and durability...

Michel...   :)

On 3-apr-07, at 14:47, Stewart at TSHargrave....uk wrote:

> On 2 Apr 2007 at 14:59, Cummings, Simon wrote:
> Simon,
> To actually try and answer your question...
> In my experience, nearly all SB buildings have some sort of  
> foundation plate that the
> straw bales are built upon. That is to say, a wooden platform,  
> usually about 100mm
> thick and about as wide as a bale, running all around the edge of  
> the foundations, and
> anywhere else a SB wall is to be built.
> Because of the hollow nature of this plate (it's usually made of  
> studding sandwiched
> between plywood, or similar), it allows the bottom of the bale a  
> little ventilation, and even
> drainage, if necessary. It also, importantly, raises the bale above  
> floor level, so that if
> there is any water spillage it won't soak the bales. On a solid  
> concrete floor, this will be
> important. Given the intended use of your building, it may even be  
> a good idea to make
> the plate a little thicker, so that the bottom bale is raised a  
> little more.
> I've also seen a goatshed build upon loose laid concrete blocks  
> (laid flat, lengthways
> across the foundation, each separated by a couple of inches),  
> though I'm not sure this is
> ideal.
> Environmental consideration are of course important, but I also  
> happen to thing that
> pragmatism is important. Responsible use of concrete (and steel)  
> can have a place in
> SB building.
> -- 
> Stewart H.
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