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Greetings baleheads

I hired one of these hopper fed sprayers from HSS hire yesterday and would just like to say they are a pile of crap and I wouldn't 
recommend anyone to try it for lime mortar application, it's very awkward to hold and the spray jet moves back and forth and 
actually compacts mortar against the inside of the hole, and the hopper is just jubilee clipped onto the the gun and can fall off 
easily if knocked.

We told the hire co to come and collect it after just an hour, but they were good enough to only charge us the delivery cost and 
waived the £70 per day hire charge.

bale on
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On 7 Sep 2006 at 9:50, Chug. wrote:

> I have been looking for a supplier of the Tirolessa mortar sprayer in Europe

Hi Chug,

The only things I've seen like that in the UK have a slightly different spelling,
which may help your search. Try looking for 'Tyrolean' or 'Tyrol' applicators. Ebay
has a few manual ones listed at the moment, but none for a compressor.

HSS Hire Shops also list the manual one

but they also list a 'Hopper-Fed Spray System'

which might give you a few more clues.

Stewart H.

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