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Mark Bigland-Pritchard mark at lowenergydesign...
Sat Oct 21 22:31:13 CEST 2006

Sounds like an approach that's worth trying, Rob.  I've signed myself on 
to the list, giving a grand total so far of two members.

Let's just be clear that Rob and I are agreed about the purpose of this 
new SB_Nerds-R-Us group, then:

- It isn't supposed to be in competition with any of the existing sb 
lists, but to provide a place where monitoring methodologies and results 
can be deposited and discussed.  All the main points from that 
discussion should be summarised and posted on the other lists.
- It isn't limited to any one type of climate, but I hope the discussion 
will recognise that what is appropriate for one climate is not 
necessarily appropriate for another, so hopefully in time we will come 
up with relevant monitoring strategies for different climate zones.
- Any level of monitoring, using any type of monitoring equipment, is a 
fit subject for discussion.
- Subject matter isn't necessarily limited to moisture, but that's where 
we start.
- It is international, and the insights from all national/continental 
building traditions are to be welcomed, as is constructive criticism.

Is that OK, Rob?

I will let people know when it's ready to start properly.  Meanwhile, 
those people who have already approached me privately about moisture 
monitoring, please be patient for a few days while I assemble all the 
"one of the first things" items that Rob identifies below (plus a few more).


Rob Tom wrote:

> On Fri, 20 Oct 2006 01:45:51 -0400, Mark Bigland-Pritchard  
> <mark at lowenergydesign...> wrote:
>> So how about an international monitoring programme specifically for
>> temperate maritime climates, using a standardised methodology.  And 
>> we also need a lot more pinning down of straw properties -
>> mycological growth thresholds, thermal capacity, enthalpy of sorption,
>> vapour permeability, air permeability, etc.
> Hmmm... didn't we try this before when you were doing your thesis and 
> the  response was pathetically non-existent ?
> Notwithstanding what they say about people who repeat the same 
> actions  over and over again expecting a different result each time 
> (insane) I'd  love to see an international monitoring program and I 
> don't care what sort  of sensors are used, or if sensors are used at 
> all (ie the weighed sample  method would be perfectly acceptable).
> I wouldn't limit it just to maritime climates though.
> They may be one of the more interesting climates (from a moisture  
> perspective) but it would be useful to potential SBH owners to see 
> data  relating to their own climes, maritime or not.
> And I'd like to see the data posted at a website on an on-going basis 
> with  the homeowners putting up the monitoring data on their own, in 
> a  predetermined standard format (ie spreadsheet) so as to make 
> collation and  analysis quick and easy.
> This would seem to suggest that a Yahoogroups site would be 
> well-suited to  the task.
> I would offer the SB-r-us site for the project but I think that we 
> are  already stretching the allotted memory so I have just created a 
> new site  at:
> Group name:          SB_Nerds-r-Us
> Group home page:          http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SB_Nerds-r-Us
> Group email:          SB_Nerds-r-Us at yahoogroups...
> and I will make you (Mark) one of the group owners (but you'll have 
> to  subscribe yourself first) and once that is done, I will step aside 
> and let  you run the day-to-day operations and let you decide how the 
> group works.
> I would suggest that discussions on the monitoring project be kept on 
> the  main SB Lists (except perhaps for the most nerdy technical 
> development  details) and use the SB_Nerds-r-Us site mainly for data 
> storage and  display.
> One of the first things that should probably go up at the Nerds site 
> are  detailed descriptions of what the sensors are, the advantages of 
> each,  step-by-step detailed fabrication (if applicable), supply 
> sources and  costs,installation instructions and 
> data-gathering/reporting  protocols  etc. Okay that was more than one 
> but I think you get the idea.
> I would also like to see energy use (for space cooling/heating) 
> monitoring  data at the same site.
> If such a time comes when the interest in such a project outgrows the  
> resources provided by the Yahoogroups format, perhaps the monitoring  
> participants would spring for a few dineros to pay for and maintain a 
> real  website ?
> S'awright ? S'awright.
> ===* ===
> Rob Tom
> Kanata, Ontario, Canada
> <archilogic at chaffyahoo dot ca>
> winnow the chaff from my edress in your reply

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