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Thanks for letting everyone know about this new web site and for sharing
information about the buildings and those who designed/built them.

We will add this web site to the annual resource guide published in December
2006 in print version and updated online (www.thelaststraw.org) throughout
the year. 

If there are other web site to be included for the annual resource guide of
The Last Straw, the international journal of strawbale and natural building,
please do let us know.

Thank you!

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on 9.24.2006 12:05 PM, Werkgroep strobouw at info at strobouw... wrote:

Nederlandse versie onderaan

Dear all,
2 months ago we started up a Belgian website on strawbale building.
On this website you get an overview of almost all the buildings that are
built in Belgium. (shortcut :
It´s written mainly in Dutch.
We would like to translate it to French (for the people in the Southern part
of Belgium) and English. Any help for the translation to French is very
Kind regards,
Ben Albu
Workgroup strawbale building
www.strobouw.be <http://www.strobouw.be>

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