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Wed May 17 12:13:29 CEST 2006

Have you heard of Thlolego? It's an established eco-village project near
Rustenburg about an hour north of Joburg. We spent a couple of months there
in 2002 and found it very inspiring. They worked with Brian Woodward from
Australia and developed a low cost, ecological housing construction method
perfectly suited to the climate there. It's not actually strawbale, instead
they use earth-filled sacks that are plastered. The buildings are extremely
beautiful, you can see them on their website:
http://www.sustainable-futures.com/. Their philosophy is to train local
people in all the skills needed to build this type of housing for

I'm sure they would have advice for you, and also contatcs to other projects
in S Africa.


On 16/05/06, CAMP: c'Lanne moroney <camp at camp2020...> wrote:
> am investigating the possibility of buidling with strawbale in south
> africa, and am wondering about the problems with termite infestation.
> are there any boron treatments, or is is a question of detailing,
> ensuring no holes and so forth. building on a raised platform,
> therefore introducing the usual anti-climb techniques, is a
> possibility, though not ideal.
> regards
> c'Lanne
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