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As a newcomer to the information network I have to say how impressed I
am at the depth of knowledge I have been able to tap into.


It does appear that if a structure is designed to be flexible, keep the
rain and persistent damp away, and protect the straw from vermin
infestation we should be able to have a variety of external finishes.


I am proposing a timber deck on a pile and cradle substructure, timber
base and floor joists, straw bale wall, vertical battens on the inside,
horizontal battens on the outside tied through the bales with baler
string. Between the horizontal battens and the straw will be a breather
membrane stapled to the base plate and wall plate to seal against vermin
infestation. External wall finish will be wall tiles vertically hung.

On top of the wall is a timber wall plate to carry a roofing system that
overhangs the wall giving a sheltered veranda or walkway.

The inside face of the wall is finished in a lime plaster.


Thus we have a flexible wall that can take a variety of external


The external battens could be used to fix timber cladding, vertical or
horizontal dependant on the orientation of the battens. 


I welcome comments/discussion.


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