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Besides Mark's comments regarding potentially higher U values. I would 
also like to add that plastering bales on all exposed sides is 
essential for the following other reasons:
1) Fire protection
2) Exclusion of insects and critters. while straw is not attractive for 
food it does offer excellent nesting facilities.
3) A closed plaster coat also protects the straw from further infection 
by mold spores.
4) A plastered SB wall mechanically acts as a sandwich only plastering 
one side makes the wall lop sided.

In SB projects I am involved with I always insist on covering all 
exposed sides of bales with a least one full contiguous coat of 

Finally basking in the sun in the reclaimed swamp at the mouth of the 
Rene Dalmeijer
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> Most of the information on cladding tends to be on the use of lime
> render or plaster rather than cement and this is understood. Does 
> anyone
> have experience of using a cladding system, such as tile hanging.
> I envisage the use of straw bales as the load bearing wall with a
> breathable membrane battens and vertical tiles. This should allow the
> wall to breathe, move and shed rain.
> Comments would be welcome.

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