[Strawbale] Which of the Houses is made of Straw?

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Hiya Rikki

Hard to see the pics but it looks to me like

pic 4 Pascal Thepuat
pic 6 at Centre for Alternative Tecnology, Wales built by Barbara Jones
pic 10 spiral in Co Mayo Ireland by Barbara
pic 11 Arc permaculture roundhouse, Manorhamilton, Ireland on the cover of Barbs book
pic 14 Jenny slaughters bunkhouse/loo, hebden bridge, Yorkshire. Barbara

bale on
chug at strawbale-building....uk
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Hi All!

As some of you may already know, Maren Termens and I  are finishing up a
book about Strawbale Construction (written in Spanish).  One of our ideas
is to include at the very beginning of the book a page of fotos whith
Strawbale Houses that don´t look like Strawbale houses--or other
interesting and unusual SB structures.  The Caption on this page will be
"Which of these Buildings is Made with Straw?"; on the next page the
answer:  all of them.

Most of the images we have at the moment are taken off various web-pages
and are of very low quality.  We don´t have any information about who
built/owns or photographed most of these houses either.  So we want to know:
-If you recognize any of the structures and would like us to include
information about it (who, where, how, etc) in the book, send us a breif
descrption (let us know which house by row # and pic. #--top to bottom,
right to left)
-If you don´t want us to include any of these pictures in the book, let us
-If you have any high quality versions of these fotos (or others we don´t
have) we would love to have them!

Thanks in advance!

Rikki Nitzkin
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