[Strawbale] Which of the Houses is made of Straw?

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Mon Mar 13 22:24:38 CET 2006

Hi All!

As some of you may already know, Maren Termens and I  are finishing up a
book about Strawbale Construction (written in Spanish).  One of our ideas
is to include at the very beginning of the book a page of fotos whith
Strawbale Houses that don´t look like Strawbale houses--or other
interesting and unusual SB structures.  The Caption on this page will be
"Which of these Buildings is Made with Straw?"; on the next page the
answer:  all of them.

Most of the images we have at the moment are taken off various web-pages
and are of very low quality.  We don´t have any information about who
built/owns or photographed most of these houses either.  So we want to know:
-If you recognize any of the structures and would like us to include
information about it (who, where, how, etc) in the book, send us a breif
descrption (let us know which house by row # and pic. #--top to bottom,
right to left)
-If you don´t want us to include any of these pictures in the book, let us
-If you have any high quality versions of these fotos (or others we don´t
have) we would love to have them!

Thanks in advance!

Rikki Nitzkin
rikkinitzkin at earthlink...
Red de Construcción con Balas de Paja/ Spanish Strawbale Network
"Tenemos el Derecho y Responsabilidad de Crear el Mundo en que Queremos
"We Have the Right and Responsability to Create the World we Want to Live

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